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    Smile Power Day
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    Smile Power Day
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    Smile Power Day
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    Smile Power Day
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    Smile Power Day

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About Smile Power Day

It takes only one single muscle to smile.
A smile is infectious and spreads fast like an epidemic. It costs nothing and is a window to the personís heart. A smile knows no religion, politics or any differentiation and is genuinely a healer of sorts, people smile the same and a million dollar smile is welcomed anywhere and everywhere. A beautiful smile from a stranger or a sparkling smile from a loved one can take away all your troubles and worries away in the nick of time.

To be happy and to make others happy not only spreads happiness around but also makes the world look much more beautiful, as they say a happy and a light heart makes the world a better place to be in. So if you see people without a smile give him yours and make everyone fall in love with you. A smile is one such investment that guarantees growth and return all the time. Your smile does not cost a thing but leaves memories forever.
So, on this Smile Power Day give everyone that million dollar smile. Send your near and dear ones a free Smile Power Day greeting card or send your loved ones, acquaintances and associates a Smile Power Day ecard or Smile Power Day e-greeting to make the world smile at large. No statistics or gadget can measure the warmth a smile exuberates and create a smiling day everyday. Like a prescribes dosage for happy living give that beautiful smile to all everyday

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