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Eid Ul-Adha (12 Sep)

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    You Add Joy
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    Showered With Blessings Too
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    Happy And Blessed
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    Floral Wish

It's Eid Ul-Adha! A religious day for the Islam where people pray to god and sacrifice all there sins and make a fresh start. So send your dear ones your warm wishes on the joyous event of Eid Ul Adha. Here is a collection of free animated ecards and cards to make your dear ones/ friends Eid Ul-Adha all the more special.

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Onam (13 Sep)

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    Thank You!
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    Fun And Joy...
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    Missing You
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    Happy Onam!

Celebrate onam the harvest festival of south india with your friends, family members and dear ones. Wish them a happy onam with our beautiful animated pookalum ecards, with Onappattus melodies. All our onam ecards, onam cards are free.

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Oktoberfest (17 Sep)

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    Oktoberfest 2009
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    Time To Celebrate!
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    Barrels Of Fun!
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    Foot Tapping Fun!

Celebrate Oktoberfest with lots of happy hours, food, fun and warm greetings from meme4u. Send your friends/ family members/ dear ones the fun filled oktoberfest wishes and make their oktoberfest a very special one.

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Navratri (1 Oct)

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    Colors Of Navratri
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    Thank You
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    Rocking Time
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    Happy Navratri!

It's Navratri a season of raas, dandia and fun. So celebrate the festival with your friends, family members and meme4u. Here are a collection of Navratri ecards to wish your dear ones a happy Navratri and make their Navratri a special one.

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Rosh Hashanah (2 Oct)

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    Thank You!
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    New Year
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    Blessed Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah ecards are the best way to celebrate the beginning of yet another Jewish New Year. Send Rosh Hashanah cards to celebrate this holy day that marks the creation of the world, for free. Wish your dear ones with our collection of warm and animated Rosh Hashanah ecards and make their celebration a special one.

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About Holidays

It's a Holiday! Now that calls for Party and Celebration! Holidays are time when you meet your friends and loved ones and have a gala time. So keeping in mind the mood and fun of the holidays meme4u has brought you free Holiday Ecards and free Holiday Cards of various holidays and festivals celebrated throughout the year and across the globe. So be it Christmas, Deewali, Hanukkah, New Year, Friendships Day or Mother's Day you will get free greeting cards of all the occasions. So this Holiday Season surprise your friends and loved ones with beautiful/ warm/ funny animated ecard and that too for free!

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