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    Rose Month
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    Rose Month
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    When You Smiled
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    By Your Side
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    Bloom Like A Rose
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    I Love You Forever

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About Rose Month

Rose Month, a month dedicated to the most beautiful flower. So celebrate the beautiful blooms and its beauty with your dear ones with our rose month ecards and virtual rose flowers pictures.

Roses come in variety of colors and each color has its own significane and expresses a unique emotion. The most famous color of the rose is Red which is also the color of love. Hence roses are more popular amoung people madly in love. Yellow color stands for friendship and so lots of roses are exchanged on friendship day or when you want to make new friends. White rose symbolises peace where as black is for the enemies. Pink rose is perfect for making a proposal or saying you like someone.

Besides all this do you know there are around 150 spiceies of roses found and it is the symbol of love and beauty. It is even a sacred flower and often used as a symbol of Virgin Mary.

So celebrate the beauty this entire month and make it a month of happiness and smiles. All our cards and ecards on Rose Month are free.

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