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    Meme launch


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    Keep Wishing Best For You!
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    A Friendly Little Hello!
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    A Special Treat...
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    Keep Lovin Me

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    Celebrating The Drona In You!
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    Let The Drona Rise In You!
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    Celebrate friendship with Drona
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    Drona Means You!


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Swine Flu

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    Fashion 2009
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    Swine Flu?
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    Love Kiss

Swine Flu is one of the fastest, highly contagious diseases spreading across the globe. Thousands of people have died because of it and due to lack of proper treatment. Medical Science still does not have the proper medicine to prevent and so Precaution has become the Best Medicine. Here's a collection of some funny cartoons and cards to spread the awareness among your loved ones to save them from the Swine Flu.

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About Special

Special! Well as the name suggests this e card section is really special. This special section is created just to bring you near to your favorite stars, celebrities, movies and some fun animations.

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