•   A cute july fourth ecard.
  •   A warm wish on Vesak Day
  •   A vesak day ecards
  •   A warm May Flower Basket.
  •   Shower of happiness with May Flowers.
  •   A warm thank you message
  •   A sparkling july 4th card.
  •   A warm heartfelt wish with May Flowers.
  •   A friendship card on 4th of July
  •   Some May Flowers to compliment a special person.
  •   A warm message for my friend on memorial day.
  •   A thank you ecard.

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popular upcoming event

  • May
  • 23

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day, a day dedicated to the most endangered species ...

  • May
  • 30

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a day pay homage to the bravehearts who fought for the ...

  • Jun
  • 3

Love Conquer All Day

Love Conquer All Day, a day to celebrate the love and romance by the ...

  • Jun
  • 6

Ramadan(Jun  6 to Jul  5)

Celebrate Ramadan with friends/ family members/ dear ones and ...


latest upcoming event

  • May
  • 22

School's Out Day(May  1 to Jun  30)

School's Out Day

  • May
  • 22

May Flowers(May  1 to May  31)

May is a season of flowers and beauty. So send your dear ones some ...

  • May
  • 22

Graduation(May  1 to Jun  30)

Congraulate the fresh graduates with our warm, funny, cute graduation ...

  • May
  • 22

Strawberry Month(May  1 to May  31)

It's Strawberry Month a month to have yummy Strawberries. Share the ...

  • Jun
  • 1

Vesak Day

Vesak Day or Buddha Purnima celebrates the birth anniversary and his ...

  • Jun
  • 3

Repeat Day

Repeat Day, a funny day yet an interesting day. Today you can either ...

  • Jun
  • 4

Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat Day a day to hug the sweet little adorable cats who are ...


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