The unstoppable phone calls, the random wishes from all, the mountain of gifts and the love showered by one and all that’s the pleasure birthdays bring with them. The king/queen size treatment makes all love this day. For children especially birthday is eagerly awaited as the grand party and the huge birthday cakes, the festoons and the various games that one gets to play attracts all to be a part of the birthday celebrations. Birthday is celebrating the day the person came to the world. It is a day when we celebrate the person’s presence and the person celebrates the happiness that people around him have brought to his life. It is celebrating the precious that has gone by and thanking all for making it a joyous journey of life. There are lots of ways people celebrate birthday, some like the whole world to be a part of it and some find the whole world in the selected few loved ones. From the first birthday to the golden, silver and platinum jubilee celebrations this day marks the journey of a person from in the year gone past. Every year this day gives you an opportunity to be close to your loved ones and well wishers. Their good wishes and blessings add to the pleasure of the day, so much so that even belated greetings make people happy. So whether it is ‘janamdin ki badhai,’ ‘saal girah mubarak,’ in Hindi or Urdu or ‘Feliz cumpleanos,’ ‘Joyeux Anniversaire’ in Spanish or French or simply Happy Birthday in English the celebrations are joyous everywhere. The cake, candles, making a wish before blowing them in one go, the birthday cards and surrounded by everyone who you love, what more can a person ask for in life. On your birthday the fond memories you make stay with you forever. After years, going down the memory lane when you look at the old times of birthday celebrations at workplace, at home or anywhere the birthday cards will remind you of all the good times of life. The uniqueness of each card is that they all convey the same feeling but each has a special feel and flavor to it. The thoughts you pen down is what makes the card and the day cherished forever. So lock up the day in a beautiful cards and greetings to give away those fond happy birthday wishes and even belated birthday wishes to those you love. Send your dear ones an ecard wishing them the many happy returns of the day. It is the simplest way of bringing that precious smile on someone’s face.

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