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    Thank You!
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    Fun And Joy...
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    Missing You
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    Happy Onam!
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    Vaninnevam asuya valarthi
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    Happy Onam
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    Wishing You And Your Family...
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    Bountiful Happiness And Prosperity!
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    Onam Song
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About Onam

 The ten days of festivities, merry making, dancing, singing and boat racing, all form a part of the festival Onam. Onam or Thiruonam is a day celebrated in Kerala to remember the legendary king Mahabali and his great reign under which his subjects were happy and prosperous and lived in peace. On this day people in Kerala welcome the spirit of their great king to earth and to assure that his subjects are happy and wish him well. The uniqueness of the day is that people of all religions, cast, color and creed forget any difference and come together to celebrate this day and fill it with joy and happiness.

As the legend goes, long time ago an Asura king Mahabali ruled Kerala. He was a just and kind king and was very powerful and able too. Soon his fame spread far and wide and he extended his kingdom to heavens as well. The Devas pleaded Lord Vishnu to curtail his powers. Then Lord Vishnu transformed himself into a Vamana and pleaded for three paces of land as alms while Mahabali was peforming a yagana. When Mahabali decided to give away three paces of land as wished by the Vamana, Lord Vishnu increased his size. In one step he covered the heavens, in the second he covered the earth. As there was more ground to be covered with the third step, Mahabali offered his head to be stepped upon. Lord Vishnu placed his foot on his head and sent him to Patala. Seeing his devotion Vishnu granted Mahabali a boon that he could visit the earth once every year. So it is one this day every year that the Malayalees celebrate in the fond memory of their great king.

In the late August or early September, people from the Godís Own Country come together for some high spirited celebrations. The parades on elaborately decorated elephants coupled with fireworks, traditional dances, carnivals and the star attraction of the event is Vallamkali or boat race. Onam is a festival to celebrate the sprit of harvest in all its splendor. Houses are decorated with beautiful Pookalams, and the melodious tune of Onappattus is heard everywhere. So come lets celebrate Onam with beautiful and warm ecards from meme4u.com. Wish your loved ones a Happy Onam with our warm ecards. Send Free Onam Greeting Cards to your friend and loved ones. All cards are absolutely FREE!

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