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    Epiphany Gifts
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    O Star Of Wonder
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    Lord Holds You Hand
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    A Blesssed Epiphany Wish

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About Epiphany

Epiphany is the Twelfth Day of Christmas/ Advent season. In other words it the climax and a day of revelation of Lord in human form as Jesus Christ. It is also know as the Three King’s Day as the three wise men presented the baby Jesus with their holy gift of Myrrh, Frankincense and Gold. Each gift given by the Magi has a meaning like Myrrh has the medicinal value, Frankincense as perfume which is also a symbol of prayer and Gold as a symbol of kingship on earth. In some Central and South American countries influenced by Catholic tradition, Three Kings’ Day, or the night before, is the time for opening Christmas presents. In some eastern churches, Epiphany or the Theophany commemorates Jesus’ baptism, with the visit of the Magi linked to Christmas. In some churches the day is celebrated as Christmas, with Epiphany/ Theophany occurring on January 19th. The colors of Epiphany are the color of Christmas which is red, white and gold, symbolizing the purity, newness, celebration and hope. So join this celebration and spread the joy, happiness and hope amoungst your dear ones this New Year with the beautiful/ religious Epiphany Ecards and Epiphany Cards with bible quotes and Epiphany Prayers.

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