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    Advent Prayer
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    Miracle Like You
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    Love And Blessings
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    Advent Wish
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    Blessed Advent!
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    Season Of Advent!
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    Peace And Happiness!

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About Advent

Advent derived from the Latin word Ďadventusí means arrival or coming marks the beginning of the Western Christian Year. Advent is a season of preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus in the first coming and Jesus the Judge in the Second Advent. Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Advent is celebrating the revelation of God and directing the thoughts of the Christians towards the Saviour. It is a period of anticipation and preparation and symbolizes the inward and spiritual journey of an individual. Traditionally the color associated with Advent is purple. The color symbolizes the fasting, contrition and royalty; it is also the color of suffering and relates to the Nativity of Jesus. Originally Advent was the time of fasting like the Lent season. The third Sunday is the Sunday of Joy, the time for rejoicing moving away from the suffering towards the birth of the Christ.

Beginning of Advent is the time of hanging wreaths in the Churches. The Advent wreath is traditionally the symbol of Church Year in homes as well. The wreath has five candles on it, four around and one in the center. The Advent candles tell the story of the birth of the Christ. The wreath circle reminds us of God and the green color of his eternal being. The candles signify the light of God. The three Advent candles around the wreath are purple and one is pink in color each narrating a story in itself. The first purple candle is the Candle of Hope and the third is of Rejoicing. The white candle in the center is called the Christ Candle and is lighted on the Christmas Eve.

So share the joy of the Advent of the Lord with our warm and animated Advent Cards and Advent Ecards.

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