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Cuddle Up Day (6 Jan)

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    Night And Day
  • view: 3460
    Your Arms
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    Jumbo Size Cuddle
  • view: 5412
    Waiting To Be Cuddled!

Cuddle Up Day a day to cuddle up your sweetheart/ mom/ family members/ pets and tell them how much you love the. If you are far away from your dear ones then here are some cuddle up day ecards to send warm cuddles and brighten up their day.

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Whisper I Love You Day (19 Jan)

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    Across The Miles
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    Forever Love
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    I Love You Forever
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    My Angel

Whisper I Love You Day a day of romance and love. A day to tell your sweetheart how much you love him/ her. So go ahead and whisper I love you. Bridge the gap with our collection of whisper i love you day cards and whisper i love you day ecards.

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Send A Card To A Friend Day (7 Feb)

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    Friend Like You...

Send A Card To A Friend Day is a day to meet up and connect with our friends. So take out some time from your busy sechedule and lets have some fun on this friendship day. Make your friends feel special with our collection of ecards on Send A Card To A Friend Day.

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Temporary Insanity Day (19 Feb)

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    Are You Insane??

Temporary Insanity Day- A day to act crazy forgetting all your troubles! So go ahead and celebrate temporary insanity day and enjoy the fun of fooling around!

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Blue Jeans Day (26 Feb)

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A day to have fun with style.

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